Dronz Product Pic

Get Lit LLC is the proud manufacturer of Dronz.  What are Dronz you ask?

DRONZ  are an upscale license plate presentation system.

DRONZ are easy to install and are available in three innovative and distinctive series to choose from.



The DRONZ Phantom Series allows you to choose from six unique frame designs.  Using SMD Glow Technology, the DRONZ Phantom Series allows you to illuminate your license plate so that the entire plate and all the characters are visible in excess of 100 feet.  This series also allows you to change the way your license plate illuminates using 14 different colors. Using the remote, you can keep one color stationary or have all 14 colors rotate and/or fade.




The DRONZ JDM Series was designed for the drifter in all of us.  After choosing between one of three unique frame designs, this series allows you to then choose your JDM sidelight symbol which illuminates and shows the streets  your racing experience level.




The DRONZ Nightmare Series is are signature series.  This series was designed for the front of your vehicle and incorporates animated sidelights.  Animated sidelights are designs on the side of the DRONZ that illuminate motion and give off a spectacular visual effect.    This series allows you to choose between two unique and distinctive animated sidelight designs and then three different sidelight colors.  Words can not describe this series! Check out the videos and see it for yourself!


DRONZ allows you to customize your vehicle to your unique personality.   Are you ready to take your ride to the next level?!